Q1: What is LiboBerry?

A1: LiboBerry is a SaaS AI-powered scientific writing platform that supports scientific authors through generative AI. It includes an online reference manager, and plagiarism detection with AI assistance, and supports various citation styles including MLA, Chicago, APA, IEEE, Vancouver, and BibTeX.

Q2: What are the key services offered by LiboBerry?

A2: LiboBerry offers three specialized services: LiboEditor for crafting scientific documents, PubBerry for creating PubMed layouts, and RefBerry for validating references, all enhanced with AI technology.

Q3: How does LiboBerry utilize AI to assist in scientific writing?

A3: LiboBerry’s AI helps in organizing and formatting references, detecting plagiarism, and improving scientific writing quality. Additionally, our customized model works with your uploaded library to learn more about your project, providing tailored assistance.

Q4: Is user data secure with LiboBerry?

A4: Absolutely. LiboBerry prioritizes data security, employing advanced protection measures to ensure your personal and research information is secure.

Q5: Can LiboBerry be used on different devices?

A5: Yes, as a SaaS platform, LiboBerry is accessible from any device with internet connectivity, offering versatile use.

Q6: What citation styles does LiboBerry support?

A6: LiboBerry supports a range of citation styles, including MLA, Chicago, APA, IEEE, Vancouver, and Bibtex.

Q7: How effective is LiboBerry’s plagiarism detection?

A7: Our plagiarism detection uses AI to thoroughly scan documents against extensive databases, safeguarding the originality of your work.

Q8: Does LiboBerry offer a trial version?

A8: Yes, new users can explore LiboBerry’s features with a trial. Details are available on our pricing page.

Q9: How can users get support for LiboBerry?

A9: For any support needs, contact our team via our website or at info@liboberry.com.

Q10: Does LiboBerry support collaboration?

A10: Yes, LiboBerry includes features for collaborative scientific writing, allowing authors to jointly manage projects and share references.

Q11: Does LiboBerry offer a Microsoft Word add-in?

A11: Yes, LiboBerry provides an MS Word add-in for local writing, allowing seamless integration with your existing writing process and ensuring all the platform’s features are available within Word.